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Today I’m celebrating my one year anniversary on WordPress! It is an incredible and amazing journey and I want to thank each and every one of you.

I would also like to acknowledge my one year Instagram anniversary which passed in January and my one year Facebook anniversary which passed in February. These two platforms paved the way for my WordPress blog, so thank you again for all the support.


The best piece of blogging advice that I have personally came across thus far is this: publish content consistently and do not give up on your blog.

More than likely there is an audience that is willing to read your content. There are certain bloggers that I follow where I never miss any of their blog posts because I love their work so much. Even if I don’t read as the posts are published, I will go back to read and like the ones I missed. If I realize I have not seen anything from them lately I will check their page to see what was their published piece. Once you have a supportive audience that is reading your posts, try to post consistently as much as possible.

I’ve said it before that you will need to find a schedule that works for you. Whether you can publish daily, three times a week, bimonthly, monthly, work with a blogging schedule that fits your schedule and time. Everyone has different circumstances and you want to ensure you are publishing high quality content for your audience.

I have learned not to worry about the statistics – views, likes, number of followers. I have also learned not to compare my blog to other blogs. It is a rabbit hole you do not want to go down. Two things that helped me to not give up on my blog is remembering that I have people who read most if not all the blogs I post and to celebrate each milestone or achievement, regardless of how small it is.

Renard’s World provides amazing advice for bloggers and also features guest bloggers from around the world. If you want great advice, tips, and articles on blogging then you need to check out this blog. Link:


Now we move on to my blogging year review. I will be listing my blogs by categories as much as possible since there is some overlap with some blogs. If you missed any of these blogs or want to reread, please feel free. So without much further ado, we go back to my very first blog post:

Welcome To My Blog


Lockdown Series – Our Stories

#LiveForSmile Campaign – Musings of the Mind – Piya’s Rising Sun


Blogger Recognition Award

Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award


Just To Say Thank You

Blogging Highlights of 2020


My Glasses Aren’t A Fashion Statement – The Body Positive Edition

The Body Positive Movement Series was a huge undertaking that featured three guest writers and culminated with women around the world sharing their advice on self love.

A Glitch In The Matrix

Embracing Self Love

Learning To Love My Body

The Body Positive Movement


Reblogged Pouring From An Empty Cup

“But You Look So Normal”: A Fourteen Year Journey Part 1

“But You look So Normal”: A Fourteen Year Journey Part 2


Lessons Learned In A Military Relationship

Military Relationship Tips


PCOS and Body Image – My Struggle

PCOS Awareness Month: Living With PCOS

“What If We Can’t Have Kids?”


Hello 2021

An Open Letter To The Man Who Broke My Heart


What will the second year of blogging bring for Musings of the Mind?

I am hoping to roll out three things in the upcoming months.

Midweek Inspiration – Once everything is organized for this, I am hoping to roll out Midweek Inspiration at the start of May 2021. The idea is to publish one inspirational quote every Wednesday on my blog. The links for my Midweek Inspiration posts will NOT be shared on my Facebook and Instagram platforms. It will remain exclusive to my subscribers and anyone who comes across the posts on WordPress.

Blog Feature – This is an idea I am currently toying with and I think it may be released in the latter half of the year. The concept behind Blog Feature is to allow bloggers, small business owners, and the like, to have an opportunity to promote their work. There are some amazing blog pieces that I have read on here and I am considering using Blog Feature to repost some of these pieces and drive traffic to that blogger’s page. So this is something to look out for and if it is something you think you will be interested in, please let me know in the comments.

Think Piece – Last but not definitely least is the Think Piece. Most of you may not know this but I minored in International Relations in undergrad and I did a postgraduate diploma in International Relations three years later. Human rights is an issue I feel strongly about. Given the rise of different issues over the past couple of years and my internal recognition that I have a platform where people read my work, I have decided to feature one issue each month to raise awareness. This will work in tandem with my Instagram posts. The Think Piece should hopefully be rolled out by the middle of June.

Both the Blog Feature and Think Piece will be linked to my Instagram and Facebook pages.

I look forward to another exciting year with you guys and a million thank yous again for all your support!


Feel free to hit the follow button or subscribe via email and don’t forget that reminders for my new blog posts are shared on my social media accounts on Instagram (@rachel_ramdhan) and Facebook (@rachramdhan) so make sure to follow and like. The links are below:



Stay well and stay safe. Until next time!


  1. Great idea to organize some of your posts into categories here for your ‘year in review’. Might have to do something similar. People always ask me “what should I read first?” — might as well make it easier for them by putting it all in one spot!

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