Things I’ve Learned After One Year Of Blogging

I’m very happy to feature my first blog for 2021! StaceyLBlogs and I did a blog swap so make sure to head on over to her page to check out my guest post. Happy reading guys and don’t forget to check out her social media pages and blog!

Hi! I’m Stacey and I’m a blogger over at, thank you so much Rachel for having me on your blog. I’m soon to hit the one-year blog anniversary so today I’m going to talk about things that I’ve learned over the past year as a Blogger.

Sometimes you don’t feel creative…and that’s okay

Sometimes I feel like I could write for days and others I just don’t feel like sitting in front of my laptop or taking pictures for Instagram. It took me a little while but I have now accepted this is completely normal and entirely manageable. I learned several months in that if I wanted to post consistently (and I didn’t for a long time) I would have to take advantage of my more ‘creative-mood’ days to write several blog posts in one sitting. That way, I’d have posts to schedule so I wouldn’t feel guilty if it took me a while to feel like writing/posting again. 

Community is everything

Follows and likes are great but there is nothing better than having somebody message you and tell you that they really related to something you wrote. Once you press publish you never really know who, if anybody, it’s going to reach so when you get feedback it really means the world. It also means you can start building a small community either on your blog or other socials and you get used to seeing the same names pop up in your notifications. I’ve also really met some great bloggers in this community (Rachel included!) and that’s been really helpful when it comes to staying motivated and active online. 

Being relatable is key

When I started I didn’t need to spend time thinking up a niche or a subject matter, I always knew I would just write about me and my life, thoughts and feelings. I’m a highly emotive person and I also overthink a lot of things so having a place to share that is really powerful and it almost makes me mad that it took me so long to start! The posts I’ve done where I’m fully honest and open always do the best, which isn’t much of a surprise as those tend to be the posts I read too. We all like having someone to relate too, especially if it’s a topic that we don’t like to open up about to friends or family. Talking is hard sometimes, writing things down is easier! 

It’s hard not to get consumed by numbers

This is a tricky one to navigate because it doesn’t stop with the blog, it is so present in today’s society with Social Media being so huge. It’s so easy to get carried away by how many followers you have, why someone unfollowed you, why your post didn’t get seen by as many people etc… Sometimes you can try everything the pros tell you too but you don’t see the numbers rise, it’s enough to drive you mad. So, I simply say, don’t let it. Follower counts and like buttons do not define your talent, impact or worth. If you do it for the follows, it’ll never be satisfying because there’s always a new target to hit. 

It’s more time consuming than you may think

At the beginning I definitely underestimated the amount of time it takes to consistently blog and do socials alongside it. Don’t get me wrong, in the long list of hard jobs blogging isn’t up there, but if you are doing it alongside another job it’s worth noting it does require some time dedication. Thinking up ideas, writing, editing, creating images (Canva is a lifesaver!) and posting on social sites…it takes a sizeable chunk of my non-working time from my full-time job. Just another reason why it’s really important it remains enjoyable and rewarding 🙂 

Remembering why you started is important 

I started my blog as a passion project and because it’s something I’ve tried and failed to start many times in my twenties. I have a full-time job so I’m not reliant on it to make money, although there are many ways it can be if that interests you, meaning I purely do it for enjoyment. So, whenever I let my head get wrapped up in numbers or comparing myself to other bloggers, I always bring it back to the beginning. I blog because I love it and that will be the deciding factor in how long I do this or where this journey may take me.

Thank you so much for reading and again to Rachel for having me on your blog 🙂


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Stay safe and until next time!

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