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What is Behind The Behind Blog Tag?

This challenge was created by Olivia Lucie Blake who wanted her audience to get to know her better and inspire other bloggers to do the same. The purpose of it is to share four facts about yourself that your audience doesn’t know about you and to tag four other bloggers to do the same.

Thank you to Pine Canvas for nominating me for this tag. Please make sure to check out their Twitter and Instagram as well.

This blog post is a tough one because I am wondering what do you guys not know about me considering that I do share a lot on here. I am digging deep to find these four facts.

  1. Initially, I was going to write under a pen name. Writing under a pen name offers the luxury of writing basically whatever you want. But since I started an Instagram and Facebook page under my real name, I decided to blog under my real name as well.
  2. I sprained my wrist from Krav Maga and it has never been the same.
  3. Kevin and I have a pet who is SPOILT ROTTEN.
  4. One of our couple activities is to find a series we both enjoy and we binge watch it together.

As you guys know I choose different bloggers for each tag or award because I follow a lot of great bloggers. My four nominees are:


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5 thoughts on “BEHIND THE BLOG TAG

    1. Thank you for reading 😊 Deciding not to write under a pen name is a huge move I won’t lie but I don’t regret. Glad to see another couple does the same thing as us. It’s a great way to unwind.

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