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While Ashley and I originally decided to have one winner for the WordPress giveaway, we made a decision to select TWO winners. The winners of the “Passion to Profit” international giveaway are Girl In Her Twenties and Ashley Spills!! Thank you everyone for all the support! First blog post of 2022 will go live tomorrow!


Things I’ve Learned After One Year Of Blogging

I’m very happy to feature my first blog for 2021! StaceyLBlogs and I did a blog swap so make sure to head on over to her page to check out my guest post. Happy reading guys and don’t forget to check out her social media pages and blog! Hi! I’m Stacey and I’m a bloggerContinue reading “Things I’ve Learned After One Year Of Blogging”

#LiveForSmile Campaign – Musings of the mind — Piya’s Rising Sun

So last year I had the privilege of participating in Piya’s Rising Sun’s #LiveForSmile Campaign. I am reblogging the published post of my experience which is something I will be exploring a little deeper something in the future. The link is below. Happy reading! Welcome to all the Risers. 👉 PRESENTING our volunteer for #LiveforSmileContinue reading “#LiveForSmile Campaign – Musings of the mind — Piya’s Rising Sun”


My insecurities and the dislike for my body and the way I looked started from a young age. I wanted to be white like everyone I saw on television, I didn’t want my brown skin. If I could exchange every wave and curl in my hair for straight hair like my mother’s I would have.Continue reading “THE BODY POSITIVE MOVEMENT”


I am someone who has definitely come along way when it comes to my body image but I still have my moments and I am still unlearning a lot of negative thoughts that were instilled on me by various people over the years. I think this is such a conversation a lot of us needContinue reading “LEARNING TO LOVE MY BODY”


Hi! I’m Amanda all the way in Trinidad😄🌴I am 29 years old and I have a background in teaching and entrepreneurship. I am also a wife and a mom of an amazing 3 year old girl, Rayne. This year I decided to do a self- assessment on where I saw myself in the next 5Continue reading “EMBRACING SELF LOVE”


The next couple of blog posts, including this post, will be guest blog posts focusing on the common theme of body positivity and self love. I will write to you guys in a few weeks. Hope you enjoy! “A GLITCH IN THE MATRIX” Every boy at some point in their lives wanted to be aContinue reading ““A GLITCH IN THE MATRIX””


Yes, I wear glasses and I have worn glasses from the tender age of six or seven till now. Glasses were never a fashion statement for me. I hated them and I still dislike them. So why am I writing about a blog post about body positivity and wearing glasses? And why does my featureContinue reading “MY GLASSES AREN’T A FASHION STATEMENT – THE BODY POSITIVE EDITION”


I am super happy and excited to announce today my FIRST EVER BLOB COLLAB! Before I go any further, I really have to say a heartfelt thank you to Aisha who gave me my first opportunity to do a blog collaboration. “Lockdown Series – Our Stories” shares the experiences of five women across the world.Continue reading “LOCKDOWN SERIES – OUR STORIES”