You were my first love. On a rainy Sunday evening in November I allowed you to walk in and see the darkest parts of me. And on a night in August you walked out and closed the door firmly on everything we dared to dream and hope for. Sitting here as an older and wiserContinue reading “AN OPEN LETTER TO THE MAN WHO BROKE MY HEART”


We were sitting in a parking lot on a Wednesday night when my boyfriend asked the question: “What if we can’t have kids?” For the first time in our relationship, I wasn’t the one addressing the elephant in the room. “What if we can’t have kids?“ His use of “we” comforted me. It reminded meContinue reading ““WHAT IF WE CAN’T HAVE KIDS?””

#LiveForSmile Campaign – Musings of the mind — Piya’s Rising Sun

So last year I had the privilege of participating in Piya’s Rising Sun’s #LiveForSmile Campaign. I am reblogging the published post of my experience which is something I will be exploring a little deeper something in the future. The link is below. Happy reading! Welcome to all the Risers. 👉 PRESENTING our volunteer for #LiveforSmileContinue reading “#LiveForSmile Campaign – Musings of the mind — Piya’s Rising Sun”

HELLO 2021

I’ve been having the hardest time writing this blog post. The COVID-19 pandemic does not magically disappear at the stroke of midnight. Neither is there a reset or undone button for 2020 and everything that happened. Truth be told, welcoming in the new year is a little scary because we do not know what isContinue reading “HELLO 2021”

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